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Im Schutze Der Burg (A Castle for all Seasons) - Building Cards

This page shows some further explanation of the buildings for the final score and the cards used during winter.


The following rules apply for the buildings:

  • Only helpers which are inside the castle are scored.
  • Only buildings that were constructed are scored.
  • Materials or talers that have been converted are removed from the game and are not counted in a tiebreaker.



Already Built: Players with helpers in the market may convert their talers into victory points at the end of the game. If he has only one helper in the market he can convert 2 talers for every 1 victory point. If he has 2 helpers then he can convert 1 taler for 1 victory point.



Already Built: A player with a helper on the 16 spot of the forge scores one victory point for each silver bar that is in the forge at the end of the game. A player with a helper on the 8 spot, scores one victory point for each 2 bars. Round an odd number of bars down to the next even number.

The market and the forge are regarded as already constructed at the beginning of the game.

Servant's House


Victory Points:14
Construction Cost:18

Players with helpers in the Servant's House score one victory point for each unbuilt building.



Victory Points:18
Construction Cost:30

Having a helper in the palace lets you convert up to 5 resources of any kind into victory points. The owner can change up to five of its resources to the choice point of victory. This is done via the value conversion as if they were money. Having two helpers lets you exchange up to ten resources.

The Keep


Victory Points:14
Construction Cost:24

For each helper you receive three victory points.



Victory Points:12
Construction Cost:22

The occupier of the 12er field, gets a Victory Point for each Helper in the Castle. The occupier of the 6er field, gets a Victory Point for every second Helper in the castle. Uneven amount is rounded down.


Großes Tor

Victory Points:10
Construction Cost:18

The occupier of the big gate, gets 2 Victory Points for each tower built.

Kleines Tor

Victory Points:6
Construction Cost:12

The occupier of the small gate, gets 1 Victory Point for each tower built.



Victory Points:14
Construction Cost:18

The occupier of the 16er field, gets 3 Victory Points for each hut built. The Occupier of the 12er field, gets 2 Victory Points for each hut built.

The following buildings can not have Helpers:



Victory Points:10
Construction Cost:12



Victory Points:6
Construction Cost: 8



Quantity: 6
Victory Points: 8
Construction Cost: 10

Winter Cards

Village Tavern


With a Stonemason or Bricklayer, a player can place a helper here as an "Bar Keeper" for 3 talers. From now on, when a player plays the trader, she has to pay 1 taler to the owner of the Bar Keeper. If there is no Bar Keeper yet, the taler is put on the card and is taken by the player who next places her helper on the card. If a player cannot pay the taler for her trader, she must take one of her trader's helpers off the gameboard and back to her personal stock. The Bar Keeper doesn't have to stay in the Village Tavern. If a player plays the Trader, Bricklayer, or Stonemason, she can remove her Bar Keeper and use her as a Helper in a new place. This winter card stays in the game, and new talers are put on the card again until a player places a Helper as a Bar Keeper. The card does not count for the final scoring.

Village Tavern is not included in the final score.



With the stonemason or bricklayer, a player can place Helpers in the Granary. It cost 5 talers. If only one Helper is placed at the Granary during the final scoring. She scores 10 Victory Points. Two Helpers score 7 Victory Points each. 3 Helpers score 3 Victory Points each.

The Granary doesn't count for the Keep or the Tavern in the final scoring.



Each player must either removed a played role card from the game, or pay 1 taler for each currently played rolecard by that player. The choice is selected right below the card. If a player does not currently have any used role cards, she has to pick the "pay taler" option.

Wall Rupture


Each player may pay up to 3 stones to receive 3 Victory Points per stone paid. To pay click the desired row of stones.

The card is removed from the game afterwards.



A player can make a courtship to the Princess by placing a resource or taler on the card, at the beginning of the round. Once you pass you can not bid in again. When only 1 player is remaining, she wins the courtship of the princess and receive 8 Victory Points. All other players may now (including non-bidders) devide the resources on the card amoung them in players order, until all the resources and talers are devided.



Each player must either remove a Worker from the game or pay 3 talers to the bank. The choice is selected below the card.

The card is removed from the game afterwards.