Black Dog - Neues Spiel online. Habt spass mit dem gewissen Dreh. Und nehmt Euch in acht vor dem schwarzen Hund.
BSW-Team am Sonntag, 19. Februar 2017 14.01 Uhr CET.


A lottery costs the guild between 500 and 5000 talers and lasts for 3 to 7 days. Each individual game during this time will get a lot. After the lottery period is over, the guild's TM will draw one lot. All players who participated in the corresponding game will then get an equal share of the price money. To organize a lottery, a guild must first build its guild house.

Current lotteries

Current lotteries
Game NameBeganEndsPrize
Numeri25.05.17 - 09:39 Uhr01.06.17 - 09:39 Uhr1000
SpaceBob26.05.17 - 20:25 Uhr02.06.17 - 20:25 Uhr1200
Ligretto28.05.17 - 16:35 Uhr04.06.17 - 16:35 Uhr3000

Finished lotteries