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The dice game with so much potential

Game description

Can't Stop
Publisher franjos Spieleverlag
Designer Sid Sackson
Number of players 2-4
Gamelength 30 Minutes
Category The dice game with so much potential
Age 7+
Price 24,90 eur
Awards None

CAN'T STOP is based on the probability of rolling 2 dice.

The game board depicts a stop sign and columns for all the 11 possible combinations rolled by 2 dice. Whoever completes 3 of the 11 possible columns first, wins the game.

Each player can play on 3 different columns during his turn. The round includes throwing 4 dice and making 2 pairs from these. The columns represent the numbers from 2 to 12. An example could be the numbers 5 (=2+3/4+1) and 7 (=3+4/1+6/2+5), where the game markers would each be placed on columns 5 and 7. If all of the 3 game markers have been placed during that round, the player needs to decide on the risk: should they risk to continue (roll the dice again), in which case they might lose. If they do not succeed in moving at least one their active game markers, their turn ends. They could if they wanted stop at their current position and play safe. During their next turn they would then restart from this position.

In this way the players decide whether to continue for glory or play safe. As the title of the game suggests: CAN'T STOP - you think you can make it!

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