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Play Im Schutze Der Burg (A Castle for all Seasons) online

Apprentice bricklayer wanted. Or would you prefer an industrious artisan?

Game description

Im Schutze Der Burg (A Castle for all Seasons)
Publisher eggertspiele
Designer Inka und Markus Brand
Number of players 2-4
Gamelength 30 min
Category Tactical Building Game
Age 10+
Price Ca. 27 Euro
Awards None yet

Amidst craggy mountains, the first silhouettes of a monumental castle arise. A line of traders twists its way to the gate; and the hustle and bustle attracts many people in the hope of getting wages and victuals. The area is crammed with market booths; the magnificent castle is being enlarged around them.

Each player is a builder who, round for round, is able to use different character cards tactically. The constructing of this castle always culminates in an exciting final scoring. The player to produce the most victory points in the end deserves the protection of the castle and wins the game.

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