Street Soccer Online Game

The ball is round!

Game description

Street Soccer
Publisher Cwali
Designer Corné van Morsel
Number of players 2
Gamelength 20 Minutes
Category Football game
Age 10+
Price Ca. 18 Euro
Awards - none yet -

The European Championship Football can be recreated in BSW. Street Soccer recreates the atmosphere of a football international. You play 5 aside on a small pitch. Depending on the number you roll on your die, you can move players, pass the ball and even score in the opponent's net.

BSW has created a 3D representation of the game with the ability to choose different countries' team strips.

The rules for StreetSoccer are easy to learn and understand, nonetheless, it makes for a game you can play often. Not only is the theme of the game fun, the game plays fast and game tactics can also be interesting.

The first game from Cwali maker Corné van Morsel to be released in BSW, it was created more than 20 years ago. Good fun for football fans.

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