Tichu Online Game

Addictive Game

Game description

Publisher Fatamorgana
Designer Urs Hostettler
Number of players 4
Gamelength 80 Minutes
Category Card Game
Age 10+
Price Ca. 6 Euro
Awards None

It really is addictive. And so simple: Try to get rid of your cards as soon as possible. At first this game reminds of "Presidents" or "The Great Dalmuti" only that Tichu offers many more possibilites than the light copies.

Two teams of two players each compete. The game consists of 56 cards in four colours, 2-As and 4 special cards. At first one is allowed to get rid of one card to another player, but has to take one in return. The player who has the 'one' (special card) starts. The other players always have to match the card played with a higher one of the same type, or they can pass the game on. The types are: eg. single cards, pairs, straight or full house. If a team manages to finish position one and two it receives 200 points. All other games amount to 100 points max. Further a player can raise the bet by another 100 points by declaring a tichu. This means: he claims from the start before the opening card is played that he will finish first.

Tichu is a team game. One can only score big points when one understands ones partner. Usually Tichu is played up to 1000 points. The single games are quick. WARNING: This game is addictive, once you start you won't stop! Told you so.

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