Netiquette - The Brettspielwelt Code of Conduct

Netiquette of BrettspielWelt

There are a few simple rules for playing in BSW:

  • The games are played in real time, therefore be there when you want to open a game or are already playing one.
  • Please only end the game prematurely in agreement with all the other players (/masterreset). If you don't all agree, the game only ends according to the respective rules.
  • You play fairly and avoid using gaps in the rules.
  • Even if you are losing, you continue to play and hope for another chance or lose with dignity.
  • Before you start the game: Please ask the other players in the room if they want to play again instead of just joining immediately. Please consider that in some games, the point distribution is shown after the game is ended and some players will want to see this (e.g. 7Wonders, StoneAge or Kingdom Builder). Once you use /reset or /join, this is no longer possible.
  • When you enter a game directly from the manager, you take a look at the situation in the room. You don't just start the game but check if other players want to join as well.
  • If you notice that somebody doesn't yet know the game so well, just offer to help.
  • Please be patient if somebody plays more slowly than you.
  • Please read the instructions before playing a game for the first time. If you have never (or only very seldom) played a game: Ask your opponents if this is alright with them.
  • If you have to go (offline) urgently, please look for somebody to replace you (info: There are many channels like "/channel Ersatz" where you are bound to find nice people.) or notify your opponents that it won't take long before you're back (e.g. "brb door")
  • If you crash (this has happened to all of us), please come back to the game room. If this is impossible, apologise to the other players as soon as possible (e.g. via /tell or pm (private message) in the forum). To be absolutely sure, you can also quickly notify the reeves in /channel Fairness, where there might already be a complaint.
  • If a player disappears during the game, please wait for an appropriate length of time before you get upset about supposed dropping. If the connection has broken down, it will take some time to restart a router / computer.
  • Please refrain from insulting people. (You don't want to be insulted either, do you?)
  • Refrain from any kind of racist statement!
  • If you have to report a user for extreme violation of the rules, please consider that the members of our fairness team are also just people and can't always respond immediately, seeing as they also like to play sometimes.
  • Benutze deine Befehle bitte nicht, um andere damit zu ärgern, aus dem Spiel zu werfen oder dir unbeliebte Spieler zu ?entfernen?.
  • Before you as a knowledgable BSW user complain about the misconduct of others, make sure you have used all technical means available not to experience unwanted behaviour (/option host against unwated joining, /option exp 4 or 5 against too many people coming from the manager, /option invisible in order to set the table with the desired options...)
  • The members of BrettspielWelt accept their differing interests and roles and pledge to resolve mutual conflicts objectively and not to take them personally.

In short: Just behave as you would, playing at home with nice people in a homely atmosphere.