BohnDuell - Online Guide

Starting The Game


With /join 2 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


Each player tries to get as many balls as possible into his or her large bowl. Each player possesses four small and one large bowl.

Flow of the game

Spielfeld oben

The players alternate turns. Each turn, a player may do one of two things: S/he can move balls from the supply into his or her small bowls, or s/he can move a ball from one of the four small bowls into the large one. Players always play from the left to the right (the screen is adjusted for perspective); the other player moves from right to the left.

If the player wants to bring new green balls into play, s/he drags one of the green balls from the supply into one of the four small bowls. This will bring one ball from the supply for each bowl to the left of the bowl clicked. For example, if a player clicks on the third bowl from the left, one ball will be placed in the first bowl, the second bowl and the third bowl from the supply.

Spielfeld unten

If one wants to move a ball into the large bowl, it must come from a small bowl that contains exactly the same number of balls as the distance from the bowl. In the example on the left (fig. 4) this means that: red can move either from the small bowl directly beside the large bowl into the large or the second bowl from the large bowl. The other bowls have too few balls and cannot move. If red empties the third bowl from the left, then one ball will go into the bowl directly on its right and one into the large bowl. Generally, when emptying a bowl the balls are always distributed individually to the right. (One should thus be careful to never have too many balls in a bowl, since one cannot voluntarily empty it any longer!)

When placing new balls, one can also steal the opponent's balls. If one places a ball into an empty bowl, the opposite bowl of which is occupied by the opponent's balls (see fig. 2), then the player moves the opponent's balls directly into his or her own large bowl.

In the example at the left, by dragging a ball into the fourth bowl from the left, red will place one ball in each small bowl and immediately score two balls by stealing them from green. Note that captures only occur on the last ball placed, and captures come from the opponent's balls, not your own, though the program will change the color of the balls to match the others in the large bowl.

End of the Game

Spielfeld bei Spielende

The play ends when neither of the two players has a move. It can happen, at the end of the game, that only one of the two players will move, because the other cannot!