Carcassonne - Burgfräulein und Drache (Princess & Dragon) - Online Guide

Object of the Game

The Princess and the Dragon is the third Carcassonne expansion to reach BSW. There are 30 new tiles which include volcanos, you encounter dagons and fairies en there are magic gates to discover.

You can play this expansion with all the expansions and also the river or king mini expansions.

New Elements

Landscape Tiles


The road goes under the tunnel and is continuous. Also the two sections of farm on either side of the tunnel are also continuous.

Kloster in der Stadt

The player may play a meeple in the city, or in the cloister. If the meeple is placed in the city, scoring takes palce when the city is completed. If the meeple is played on the cloister, this will be scored when the cloister is surrounded by 8 tiles, even if this city is not completed.

The Meeple can be placed as a Monk when there is already a knight in this city. This also applies in reverse (a knight can be placed in the city if a monk is already in the cloister).



If a player reveals a tile with a princess on it, the tile is played according to the normal tile placement.

Special:If the tile is placed in a city, where one or more knights are already placed, then one of the already placed knights (placing player’s choice) is returned to its owner. In this case, the tile placing player may not place a meeple, also not on the road or field of this tile. If this tile is placed in an empty city or by another field, then a meeple can be played normally.



As soon as a tile with a volcano is uncovered, the player places the tile and cannot place a meeple on it. The Dragon is placed directly on this tile.


As soon as a tile with a dragon is uncovered, the player places this tile and may place a meeple on it as normal. Then the play is briefly interrupted – The Dragon moves!


Beginning with the player whose turn it is, each player must move the Dragon exactly one space vertically or horizontally. The available directions are indicated by the red arrows. To move the dragon, click on a tile on the board.


The Dragon always moves 6 tiles, regardless of the number of players. The number of remaining moves is shown in the dragon symbol located above the "new tile drawn" window. (Exception: A Dead End)

The Dragon can not step on to a tile more than once in a movement. In addition, a tile with the fairy is forbidden. Every time the Dragon lands on a tile that contains a meeple, the meeple is returned to the owner. After the Dragon has finished moving, the game continues normally.

As long as no volcano tiles have been revealed, and the Dragon is still outside the playing field, it cannot be placed. The dragon tile shall be left to the side, and a new tile played. As soon as the Dragon enters the game, all the set aside dragon tiles are reshuffled and the game proceeds normally.



Each time a player on their turn does not place a meeple, they may place the fairy on a tile on which one of their own meeples stands.

The Fairy has 3 effects

  • The Dragon may not move onto a tile occupied by the Fairy. The meeple on this tile is protected from the Dragon.
  • If a player begins their turn with the Fairy standing on a tile with one of their meeples, the player immediately receives 1 point.
  • When an area with that contains the Fairy is scored (City, Street, Cloister, or Farm,) the following happens: The player whose meeple is standing on the tile with the Fairy scores 3 points regardless of how many points the area scores. The meeple is then returned to the owner, the Fairy remains on the tile.

Magic Gate


When a player reveals a tile with a magic gate on it, they may play a meeple on this or any other legal tile in play. The player must observe the normal placement rules. They may not play the meeple in an already scored area or in an area where another meeple is already placed.

If you wish to place your meeple on a tile different to the one you have just placed, click on that tile (provided it is legal). The usual placement options for that tile will be shown.

Tiles Provided with the Expansion

  • 6 Volcanoes
  • 12 Dragons
  • 6 Princesses
  • 6 Magic Gates

The number of the dragon and magic gate tiles already uncovered is indicated to the right of the "new tile drawn" window.