Carcassonne - Händler und Baumeister (Traders & Builders) - Online Guide

Object of the Game


Builders and Traders is an extension to Carcassonne. Here the rule additions are described. The basic rules for play can be found at Carcassonne. There are 24 additional tiles as well as a pig and a Master Builder. The expansion "Fluss" or "River" can also be used with this option.

New Elements

Master Builder (Baumeister)

Figuren und Rohstoffe

If you extend a road or city which already has at least one of your meeples on it, you may place the Master Builder (the icon silhouetted on the right hand of the game panel) on it. On subsequent turns, if you extend the road or city containing the Master Builder, you may place an extra tile. Using the extra tile to extend the same road or city will not get you a second extra tile. If you complete the road or city containing the Master Builder with your first tile, you may place the Master Builder on the extra tile, assuming you use it to extend another road or city containing at least one of your meeples.


The pig can be placed on a farm space where you have already placed at least one farmer. If you win this farm at the end of the game you receives four points for each city instead of three points. Note: There is no adverse bonus for using the pig.


Ausschnitt Spielfeld

Some of the new city tiles in this expansion have raw materials icons on them. Whoever plays a tile that completes a city containing these icons claims the raw materials shown, regardless of who had the most meeples in the city. At the end of the game, for each type of raw material (there are three types), 10 points go to the player(s) with the most of that type.