Diamant - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 4-8 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

The players are in an old Diamond mine and have 5 days to investigate 5 different caves. Try to find as many diamonds as possible diamonds, but beware, danger lurks! Will the most couragious get the most jewels or will it be the one who knows when to quit!

Flow of the game


Select the arrow above the first cave entrance to begin the game. Everyone moves through the cave together. When you enter each room you will see how many diamonds have been found OR which traps you have sprung. During the game there are 15 possible diamond cards and 15 trap cards (3 of each type of trap: Scorpion, Gas, Explosion, Rock Slide and Acid).


All discovered diamonds are shared equally amongst the players who are present. If any are left over, they are available to whoever decides to leave the cave early. The current haul of diamonds is shown on the two posters hanging on the left of the cave view. The top number shows how many diamonds you have (should you leave tha cave safely!), the bottom number is how many extra diamonds you can pick up if you decide to leave early). After each discovery (diamonds or traps) the players decide whether they wish to advance further into the cave (risking traps or discovering more diamonds) or escape with the diamonds they have (and share in the extra diamonds which were dropped) back to the Camp. To continue into the cave click on the event window. To escape back to the camp click below the event window where the tents are shown.


Players who return to the Camp divide any of the loose diamonds which were on the ground. This resets the lower value to zero for the next play. These players can now watch the other players (who are still going further into that cave). On the right of the screen is a display showing all the traps which have so far been played. As soon as any trap happens twice during that expedition, that day's play ends. The players who are still in the cave, lose all their diamonds for that day. Any diamonds won on subsequent days (there are 5 days in total) remain with the player. If a day finishes by 2 traps the same, one of those traps is removed from the game, leaving one less trap of that kind in subsequent rounds. You can always see how many of each trap card is left in the upper right corner.

End of the Game

After 5 days/rounds the play ends. The player with most diamonds wins.