Dudeln - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 3-8 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

How many terms are there in the encyclopedia (or Duden), no-one knows - this game is about knowledge or innovation. Whoever can convince the other players that their definition is correct, gets the points. If you guess the correct answer you also score.

Anmerkung: Diese Anleitung beschreibt die Grundvariante des Spiels, basierend auf dem Fragenset "Standard". Darüber hinaus sind aber auch andere Variationen möglich, die von weiteren Fragensets (einstellbar per Option) unterstützt werden.

Flow of the game

Question Phase


At the beginning of each round a question appears in a box in the top right hand of the screen. If you don't know the answer to the question you must make one up. You want the other players to pick your answer, therefore your answer should be convincing. Click on the box in the yellow scroll and type in your answer. Then click the 'Enter' button. You can modify your answers up until everyone has completed filling in theirs. Use the arrow keys, backspace (to delete) or mouse to edit the text (if necessary). Typically you have 60 seconds in which to complete your answer. This value can be modified via the game wizard/options before the start of the game. Players who have submitted their answers are marked by a *.

Once the time runs out, or when all players have submitted a question, then the answer phase begins.

Answer Phase


At this point in the game, all the answers provided will be shown. For each player failing to submit an answer on time, will be one less answer available to seelct from. Select the answer which you believe to be correct by clicking it with the mouse. You can still change your mind up until every one has chosen. You cannot select your own answer (represented by your colour). Typically you hve 30 seconds to select an answer (again this value can be modified via the game wizard/options before the start of the game). Once time is up the round is scored. If you failed to choose then too late!



During this phase, all players answers are shown with the player's colours and the number of people who chose those answers highlighted by * against each. The correct answer is always shown in black. Again the answers chosen by each player is shown by their coloured *.

You score 1 point if you chose the correct answer. If other players chose your answer then you will score 1 point for the first, 2 for the second, three for the third and so on.

Click 'OK' to confirm the score and start the next round.

Ending the Game

The game ends when a player reaches one of the following scores:

  • 3-5 players = 20 points
  • 6-8 players = 25 points

    Game Options

    Answer Definition period

    The maximum time (in seconds), in which each player can type their answer.

    Answer Selection period

    The maximum time (in seconds), in which each player can choose an answer.


    Es stehen verschiedene Fragesets zur Verfügung. Die aktuell verfügbaren Themensets kann man per Spielverwaltungswerkzeug oder über den Befehl "/option set help" in einem Dudelnraum auflisten.


    With this option the 'correct answer' black is not available. You can only choose from other player's answers. Scoring is the same, however, if you do not click an answer you score -1.

    Making Your Own Topics

    You can if you want create your own question set. You should if doing so make the set large so that there are many questions to chose from to avoid repetition.

    A question set is a simple text file. Each line must contain

    • A question
    • a (#) delimiter inbetween
    • a correct answer to the question

    It is also possible to write questions without answers. To do so terminate each line with a #.

    Schickt neue Fragensets bitte per E-Mail an slc@brettspielwelt.de