Strategy Tips

Consider Power Points

If countries build factories, place taxation markers and then tax , they then increase thay countries power point score. Conflicts with other countries always be avoided. If a coutry is always waging war it will find it difficult to inrease the power point score for that country.

Do not concentrate too much on an individual state

Adding further bonds to a country to establish greater control may be enticing, as you can then exact control of the government and decide the fate of the factories, interest payments and taxation. It can however be dangerous, if no other players are invested in this state. Very quickly this country can be attacked and become severly weakened.

Think as an Investor

It is important to develop the states, which you govern. You should not however forget that you are an investor desperately in need of money in order to win the game. Entering the INVESTOR space on the game dial may slow down the game, however, it is usually the most efficient way to make money.

Surprisingly fast end

Nations which are well developed, owning many factories and tax regions, can progress on the power point track very quickly. A nation needs only 4 factories and 7 tax regions to gather 10 power points. Therefore it can easily happen that a nation which is behind, suddenly rushes ahead and ends the game by reaching 25 points.

Game Material etc.


The following Bonds are available for each country with the associated interest rate:

  • 2 million - 1 million interest
  • 4 million - 2 million interest
  • 6 million - 3 million interest
  • 9 million - 4 million interest
  • 12 million - 5 million interest
  • 16 million - 6 million interest
  • 20 million - 7 million interest
  • 25 million - 8 million interest

The number of the credit always corresponds to the disbursement.

Set-up Distribution:

The set-up for the basic game is as follows (non-profi):

4 to 6 players

Each player is given a random country flag. With 4-5 players there may be some flags which are not claimed. The first player to purchase bonds in that country will acquire the flag.

3 players

One player receives the flags for Great Britain and Austria Hungary. Another player receives the flags for Russia and Italy. The third player receives the flags for Germany and France

2 player

The flags of Austria-Hungary, France and Germany are given to one player. The flags for Italy, Russia and Great Britain given to the other.


Each nation typically has 8 fleets and 8 armies. Exceptions: Great Britain has 10 fleets and 6 armies, Austria-Hungary 10 armies and 6 fleets

Each country can build 5 factories. The type of factory available is shown in each region. Blue symbolizes fleets, brown symbolizes armies.


Can fleets destroy armies?

Fleets cannot destroy factories, since they may not dock or return to land in a port once having left their port of origin.

When can nations fight with their military units?

There are two times when this can happen:

  • Nations, selecting the action MANOEUVRE, may elect to fight at any time against opposing armies and/or fleets.
  • Nations, who are not currently taking their turn, may initiate a fight against eopposing armies or fleets, which have moved into a region, where they currently have units. This is also true, if a non-hostile army moves into a homeland province or if a non-hostile army hostilely changes its status to hostile.

Can armies and fleets fight against each other?

This is possible only if the fleet is still in port and an army enters the homeland region where the port is.

Can islands be entered by armies?

Nein. Die Inseln auf dem Spielplan (z.B. Sizilien,Sardinien, Korsika, Kreta) haben keine namentliche Bezeichnung und zählen nicht als eigenständige Region. Sie können also nicht betreten werden. Nur die Provinz ?Dublin? (Irland) kann mit Armeen betreten werden. Die anderen Inseln haben keine Bedeutung im Spiel.

What is an interrupted rail network?

For example if a hostile Russian army is located in Berlin, then it is not possible for amries located in Hamburg, Cologne or Munich to move via rail to Danzig. Consider Ireland is an island and therefore rail transportation between Great Britain and Ireland is never available.

Can Tax Markers be placed in the homeland regions of the other nations?

No. A hostile occupation of an opposing homeland region prevents a foreign nation from deploying military units there, levying taxes for a factory there, or building a new factory.

When is a tax marker removed from the game board?

This happens when another non-Super-Power region is occupied exclusively by a different nation. This means that tax markers remain in a region if there are military units of several nations or no armies in the region.

Can bonds be given back?

The giving back of bonds is only permissable if you are investing in a higher bond at the same time.

Can the investor invest twice if he does not lead any government?

No. It is not possible to use the investor card and at the same time invest for a second time if the investor player leads no government.

What happens when supplies of a nation are all used up?

In this case, no more armies or fleets can be deployed and no more tax markers can be placed.

Are players allowed to borrow or receive a gift of money?

No. Players are not allowed to borrow, lend or receive a gift of money from one another or from a treasury or the bank. They are only allowed to give money to the treasuries, or during the investor turn to grant bonds which have been defined exactly.

Is making agreements allowed?

Yes, this is not prohibited. For instance, nations can make arrangements about influence zones or non-aggression pacts; however there is no game rule that forces a player to stick to an agreement. But even if agreements are kept, the situation can change suddenly by changes of government.


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