KingdomBuilder - Online Guide

Game Information

Kingdom Builder is a settlement game with easy-to-learn rules, there are different game boards and builder cards which makes the game different every time.

It is a 2-4 player (8+) game where players compete to earn the most gold. Each player has 40 settlements available which will be placed on the board during the game. Each player also gets 3 (out of a possible 10) Kingdom Builder cards which specify the conditions for earning gold. The players who maximizes the use of their cards will receive the most gold and win the game.

These rules give a basic understanding for the online game. Further rules can be found at here - German.

There's also a Online Video - German for quicker understanding.

Game Board

  1. Player Dashboard
  2. Kingdom Builder cards
  3. Draw pile for terrain cards
  4. Location tile
  5. Castle

At the top, after the player's name, is the number of gold coins they earned is displayed (only at game end) and the number of settlements they can still build.

On the left is the player's current terrain card. The active player's dashboard will be outlined. On the right of the card are all of the four possible location bonuses. Bonuses collected will be marked with the corresponding tile. Once a tile's bonus has been used in the current round, the tile is flipped over.

The starting player is indicated by an image of a knight behind their terrain card.

Starting the Game

Each player receives 40 settlements of their color and a random color terrain card (hidden). The play area is made up from 4 of the 8 available board sections - sectors (at random). For each of the four sectors, exactly two corresponding location tiles are made available. Three of the ten Kingdom Builder cards are then randomly selected for the game.

Flow of the game

The terrain card for the active player is dealt. The player now has a mandatory action placing exactly three settlements to the board. The following rules apply:

  • Exactly one settlement may be built on any one eligable terrain space.
  • You can only build spaces which match the current terrain card in play.
  • Settlements must always (if possible) extend adjacent to existing settlements owned.
  • Is it is not possible to build adjacent, the player should place a new settlement in a location with similar terrain.
  • You cannot place on a location space, castle space, mountain or water fields (except by using a Harbor, see below).

A player may use any of his location tiles before or after their mandatory action (see below).

To use a location tile, click on the appropriate box in the player dashboard.

Ortsplättchen aktivieren

When the additional action field is green and you can perform that action. If you want to perform the action later, you can disable the location tile by clicking on the white X.


If you have finished your turn and still have location tiles left that you do not wish to play, you can click on the "Next" button to finish your turn.

At the end of your turn you get a new terrain tile for the next round (hidden).

Location Spaces

If you manage to build a settlement adjacent to a Location Space, you receive a location tile of that type (if one is still available). You may only take one location tile per location. Several settlements of your color adjacent to the same location space will not provide more tiles!

If a player moves his last settlement away from a location space, the corresponding location tile is removed from the game.


  • The power of location tiles can be used either before the mandatory action or after - but not in between!
  • Location tiles obtained this round cannot be used until the next round.
  • Each location tile can only be used once per round.

Here is a detailed description of the Kingdom Builder cards and Location tiles.

End of the Game

The game ends when one player has placed all 40 settlements. The current round is completed, ending with the player to the right of the starting player.

All castle spaces (3 gold per castle touched) and Kingdom Cards are then evaluated. Whoever gets the most gold wins. With a tie, there are several winners.

To understand the scoring, click on the summary window on the player dashboards. The detailed evaluations are then displayed. If you want to see the overall scores again, click on an area in the player dashboards without a number.