Solche Strolche - Online Guide

Starting The Game


The Game starts when you click on the sign that says Solche Strolche.

Object of the Game


There are 2 decks of cards. Each deck has 25 cards. In the first deck, each card has a single animal on it. There are 5 different types of animals(Horses, Cats, Dogs, Pigs and Cows) each in 5 different colors. These 25 cards are displayed in random order on the left part of the screen.

In the second deck, each card has 4 different animals in 4 different colors. You turn the first card in this deck over, by clicking on the semi-transparent white box on the right.

The Object of the game is to find the animal/color that is missing from the card. You do that by clicking on the single card that represents that missing animal/color combination. If you click on the correct card, the animals in the lower right will spin and then you click on the semi-transparent box, to display the next card.

The bottom right of the screen shows the elapsed time and a bar representing how many cards are left.

End of the Game

The game ends when you have found all 25 missing animal/color combinations. Speed counts in this game, the faster you are the better your score. You are also penalized for clicking on the wrong card. NOTE: The lower your score the better