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SpaceBob - Rules

Starting The Game

With /join 2-4 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

Spacebob is a game with very simple rules. However, until you have mastered it, you can gain a lot of experience.

Spacebob is about transporting resources from one planet to another. Each player owns a spaceship that initially has storage space for two resources. In order to see which resources can be delivered to which planet, you can move the cursor over the resource, which will show rings around the possible destination planets. (1a)

Für jede gelieferte Ware erhält man genau einen Punkt. Das Aufnehmen von Waren ist "kostenlos" und bringt keine Nachteile, außer der Nutzung des Laderaums, da Waren die einmal geladen wurden nur auf ihrem Bestimmungsplaneten wieder abgeladen werden können. In sehr seltenen Fällen kann eine Warensorte auf keinem Planeten abgeladen werden. Daher immer erst den Zielplaneten suchen, ehe man Waren einlädt.

You get a reward in the form of extra points when you deliver resources to planets that have special demand. (7) Each resource earns you a bonus point for every demand but also removes one of the demands. Hence, if there are 3 demands on a planet and you deliver 2 resources, you will get 7 points: 4 for the first resource (1 + 3 demands) and 3 for the second (1 + 2) with one demand having already been eliminated.

The object is to find the best and most effective delivery routes and get as many points as possible in the time available.


In order to load a resource into your spaceship, click a free space in your storage area (1) or the resource shown on the planet you're currently landed on. (2) Each action you perform costs you time, which is unfortunately limited. In order to fly from one planet to another, you have to click the centre of the planet you want to fly to. (3) However, you can only fly along the shown routes. (4) Seemingly obvious routes may not be flyable if there simply is no hyperspace connection.

Flying, loading and unloading cost time, which is shown by a small "clock" on your spaceship. (5)

The total amount of time left is shown to the right of the storage area. (6)

Spaceship Expansions

Sometimes, power-ups appear directly on a planet, (8) which offer you extra storage space or improvement of your engines in order to fly between planets faster.

These power-ups have to be paid for with the resource shown beside it. (8a) In order to gain a power-up, you have to click it.

Diese "Angebote" sind allerdings zeitlich begrenzt, man kann die Restzeit bis zum Ende des Angebots im Hintergrund erkennen. Außerdem ist die Kapazität der Erweiterungen begrenzt, man kann max. 5 Laderäume bzw. 8 Antriebe haben.

Game Options

The game can be played in various galaxies. The display of routes and demands/destinations can also be adjusted, making the game easier and clearer. However, it is intentional that not all the information is always and immediately visible, therefore the game is recommended in its basic form without options.


Man kann die Häufigkeit des Auftauchens der Piraten wählen. Wählt man die 0, handelt es sich um ziemlich faule Piraten, dann tauchen nämlich gar keine auf. Wählt man die 5 handelt es sich um sehr räuberische Piraten.

Sie tauchen zwischen den Planeten auf den Routen auf und wenn ein Raumschiff diese Route nimmt, dann klauen die Piraten Waren. Was sie klauen weiß niemand genau, aber jeder Weltraumpilot wird es merken. Manchmal greifen aber auch Piraten ins Leere, die angezeigte Prozentzahl gibt an, mit welcher Wahrscheinlichkeit sie etwas klauen.

Also nehmt Euch in Acht!

End of the Game

The game ends after the time specified in the option, ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. (Standard is the fast 5 minute game)

In games 10 minutes and up, the spaceship expansions become ever more important, because, due to the fact that they don't give you immediate points, they usually require a bit of "special planning".


In contrast to the other games on BrettspielWelt, this game offers a wide scope of expansions, amendments and constraints, which I'd like to develop - also together with you - if such a fan community arises.