Street Soccer - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game

Each player manages a football team with 4 players and a goalie. When it is your turn you can move your men up to the value of the throw of a die. If the man reaches the ball with the value on the die then the rest of the value can be used to kick the ball. If you have men in a chain the ball can be passed up the field from man to man.

Game Setup


At the beginning of the game, each player selects a flag for his team. The players then alternate in setting up their men on the field: Player A places a man, player B places 2 men, player A places 2, etc. Players should consider the following:

  • only one player per square (this applies to the whole game)
  • the goalie must be placed right in front of the goal (one of the two squares)
  • at least one player must be located in the centre circle on your own side. You cannot place a man in the centre circle on your opponent's side.
  • you must have at least one other man in each half of the field.

The player with the higher throw of the die goes first. The player with the higher throw may start the game, using the difference of the two throws (this is shown by the die). During the first move, you cannot score a goal.

Flow of the game

The amount of the die roll indicates the amount of spaces you may move one of your players.

Moving the men


The active player selects one of his men, by first clicking him on his legs. All the possible moves for that man are now shown. Click on the square you wish to move to. Players cannot move diagonally and use one movement point per square. A player may only move on/through empty spaces to get to the ball. They may enter a square more than once in a turn.

Kicking the ball

Ball schießen

If the player reaches the ball, then he must kick it. All possible target spaces are shown, just click on the one you want. The entire rest of the score of the die must be used.


The ball moves as follows: It moves over spaces where no opposing player is standing. It can move diagonally and always starts in a straight line and can make at most one 45° turn in its movement. If the ball touches a teammate, its movement is extended by one and turned in any direction you want. It may then also turn by 45° another time.

Note: A player can use the squares just outside the touch lines to move around but the ball may not be played there.


The aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible.


In order to score a goal, the ball must pass over one of the two squares in front of the opposing goal line.

You can play the ball off the post into the goal, where the target area looks to be to the side of the goal (as shown).

After a goal is scored, both players must place their goalies on one of the two squares in front of the goal. If you do not wish to move your goalie, you must click him for confirmation. The goalkeeper that was scored upon, kicks the ball to start play. The die roll in this case must be at least 2.

Special Rule

You cannot lay bricks. Hence:

  • Only the goalie may stand on his own goal line. Any other player may move there but not finish directly in front of the goal. If the ball lies on the goal line it can be kicked away. However, the player is then moved away to the first free space using the algorithm one space forward, one to the side, one forward, etc.
  • Only one of your men (apart for the goalie) may be in you own Penalty Box.
  • You are not allowed to surround the ball with 4 players. (You have to allow a way for the other player to get to the ball).
  • The ball may not be played outside of the football pitch.

End of the Game

The game ends after 25 minutes, i.e. when each player has had 25 turns. If there is a tie, then the game is extended by 10 minutes' golden goal period.

Game Options


Tied game has a penalty shoot-out


The game can end in a tie.


The game does not show you the possible moves.