Level System

There is a medieval rank for every registered user in BrettspielWelt. The rank is mostly determined by the amount of games played. For higher ranks it is also necessary that you have played a certain variety of games. The ranks are divided into clerical and secular ranks. Whether your rank is secular or clerical is defined by the type of games you have played. To gain a clerical rank, at least one third of your overall points must be gained from single user games. The higher the rank, the more commands you are allowed to execute. The ? indicates that the pre-requisites are not published. You have to find out by yourself.


Nr. Secular ranks German (English) Clerical ranks German (English) Condition
0 Bettler (Newbie) none
1 Tagelöhner (Day Laborer) Ministrant (Ministrant) Registration and > 0 Points
2 Knecht/Magd (Servant) Küster (Sexton) > 100 Points
3 Lehrling (Apprentice) Novice (Novice) > 200 Points
4 Bauer (Farmer) Mönch/Nonne (Monk/Nun) > 500 Points
5 Geselle (Journeyman/Journeywoman) Diakon (Deacon/Deaconess) > 800 Points
6 Knappe/Zofe (Squire/Matron) Kaplan (Chaplain) > 1200 Points
7 Handwerksmeister (Craftsman/Craftswoman) Vikar (Vikar) > 1600 Points
8 Kaufmann (Businessman/Businesswoman) Pfarrer (Minister) > 2200 Points
9 Zunftmeister (Tradesman/Tradeswoman) Dekan (Dean) ?
10 Patrizier (Patrician) Prior (Prior) ?
11 Ritter/Lady (Knight/Lady) Abt (Abbott) ?
12 Freiherr (Landlord/Landlady) Probst (Provost) ?
13 Graf (Count/Countess) Weihbischof (Suffragan Bishop) ?
14 Fürst (Baron/Baroness) Prälat (Prelate) ?
15 Großfürst (Duke/Duchess) Bischof (Bishop) ?
16 Herzog (Grand Duke/Grand Duchess) Legat (Legat) ?
17 Kurfürst (Elector) Erzbischof (Archbishop) ?
18 Prinz (Prince/Princess) Nuntius (Nuncio/Nuncia) ?
19 Kronprinz (Crown Prince/Crown Princess) Kardinal (Cardinal) ?
20 König (King/Queen) Kardinalpräfekt (Prefect Cardinal) ?
21 Kaiser (Emperor/Empress) Papst (Pope) ?

Each city may formulate its own set of rank names for its citizens.

Gaining Points

This is the number of points you receive for each game. An additional 10% of a game's value is awarded to the victor(s) - rounded to the nearest full number.

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Games PlayedPoints
BlackBox, Chaos, Darts, Dislodge, FiveDice, MahJongg, MogelPat, PacMan, Rotactical, SolcheStrolche, Solitaire, SoloWuerfeln, WechselFieber1
SingleSanktPetersburg, SoloBazaar, SoloEinfachGenial, Sologammon2