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Word/Card Game

Game description

Attribut (Attribute)
Publisher Lookout Games
Designer Marcel Casasola Merkle
Number of players 3-8
Gamelength 20-30 Minutes
Category Word/Card Game
Age 10+
Price Ca. 9 Euro
Awards Shortlist for "Spiel des Jahres" 2003

“This game is a pet project from Marcel Andrè Casasola Merkle and BSW, because it has not appeared anywhere else. You can only play it here (as far as we know).

Each player has four words/(adjectives) and is given either a red or green sheep. A player selects a topic for the round. Players must then place one of their words to associate with this topic. The players with green sheep try to match their work correctly with the topic. The players with red sheep try to place one of their words which has an opposite sense to the current topic. All players then uncover their words at the same time. Each player now chooses another players word if they think it matches the topic. Only 1 player may choose each word. If you do not think the word fits, then you must pass.

Attribute depends on the creativity of the players, who can create any topic they desire. It is best if you know and understand your fellow players. You cannot win the game on your own!

There is an also English set of words, and if you really want,you can create your own.

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