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Liar's Dice

Game description

Publisher Ravensburger
Designer Richard Borg
Number of players 2-6
Gamelength 10-30 Minuten
Category Dice Game
Age 12+
Price 27,99 EUR
Awards "Spiel des Jahres 1993", 4th Place "Deutscher Spielepreis"

Bluff is a dice game with very easy rules. Each player gets a certain number of dice, which he keeps secretly under his cup. The game is about estimating how many dice there are between all the players of a certain value. You can trust the previous player's predictions or you can cast doubt. In the latter case, the player, who predicted wrongly, must lose dice. The last player, who still has dice, wins.

Bluff is a great game for late at night. Bluff has easy rules and a fast pace. Fun is always guaranteed! Anyone can win!

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