King Lui (King's Breakfast) Online Game

Is everyone full?

Game description

King Lui (King's Breakfast)
Publisher Abacus Spiele
Designer Alan R. Moon und Aaron Weissblum
Number of players 3-5
Gamelength 10 Minutes
Category Card collecting game
Age 7+
Price Ca. 7 Euro
Awards None

You may think you are in paradise, as the King invites you to a large feast. You eat well and leave the rest to him. But beware, he who is too greedy and eats more than the king…! Now and then, the King's pet dragon appears, who wants to be fed. He will eat 2 of the Kings portions, therefore making certain players seem too greedy.

The play is very fluid, the rules very simple. The rounds are quick and the cards are soon used up. You may want to play this game again and again.

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