Manitou Online Game

Card Game

Game description

Publisher Goldsieber
Designer Günter Burkhardt
Number of players 2-4
Gamelength 45 Minutes
Category Tactical cardgame
Age 12+
Price Ca. 8 Euro
Awards Shortlist for "Spiel des Jahres" 1997

Medicine man hits the squaw, the squaw hits the chief .. and the buffalo feels sick already.

Manitou is a quick game of cards which shows a decent level of complexity. In three rounds the players try to hunt buffalos and capture their opponents with their 11 hunters and 5x2 warriors. The hunters are represented by simple number cards which are placed at the three more or less valuable buffalo herds. The player who has placed the largest amount of hunters at a herd receives the points. But be aware: If one has the majority of hunters in total one will lose 10 points.

The second way of gaining points is by capturing the opponents hunters and warriors. The warriors differ in strenght and can only beat certain other warriors. eg. the squaw can be captured by the rainmaker, the medicine man or the spy, but she is the only one to beat the chief. A fight is triggered, if one places a warrior at a herd where an opponents warrior is already present. Only one warrior can be active per herd. The one who can survive until the end of the round and capture all opponents receives a point for each victim.

After three rounds the game ends and the player with the highest number of points wins.

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