Packeis am Pol (Hey! That's My Fish!) Online Game

Holiday with the penguins

Game description

Packeis am Pol (Hey! That's My Fish!)
Publisher Phalanx Games
Designer Alvydas Jakeliunas, Günter Cornett
Number of players 2-4
Gamelength 20 Minutes
Category Placing Game
Age 8+
Price Depending on edition
Awards ---

Located in the cold Antarctic. Each player possesses a group of penguins, which have a craving for fish. The board consists of icebergs, on which some fish lie. The players fight over these. They also move their penguins from icebergs to icebergs. First to a free iceberg, claims the fish there, however, the iceberg from which a penguin leaves, sinks. In this way peguins gradually get cut off from each other. The game ends when no more penguins can move.

Packeis am Pol is a easy, fun, tactical game for 2-4 players. The game for 2 players in particular is recommended.

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