Carcassonne - Online Guide

Starting The Game

With /join 2-5 players can join the game. With /start the game begins. Alternatively, you can use the Game Tool!

Object of the Game


The players together develop a landscape with cities, roads and farms. Each player tries to get the most points by placing their Meeples on roads, in a cities, on fields or in monasteries.

Flow of the game

nächstes Kärtchen

When it is your tuen you will place a tile on the map. The geographic features MUST align. Roads with roads, fields with fields and cities with cities and must connect to tile(s) already placed. You can rotate the tile with the help of the blue arrow (picture left). After rotating the tile to the correct orientation, click on the map where you wish to position it (a location with a grey background).

Once the tile is placed you may then add one meeple to that tile. Small squares indicate where on the tile it is possible/legal to place your meeple. To place simply click on the square of your choice. Remeber you will not be given the option to select a location (city/farm/road) which already has another meeple claiming that geographic feature (these grow larger in size as the tiles are placed). (e.g. more than one meeple in a city can only happen if previously occupied city tiles were joined by another subsequent legal tile placement).


Players names are indicated at the top right of the screen. Points achieved so far are shown to the right of each player's name and the available (unplayed) meeples are also shown.


Points are awarded as follows:


Points are earned as soon as a city is completed. They are awarded to the person with the most meeples on that town. For every tile within a city two points are awarded. An additional two points are also awarded for each tile with a coat of arms on it. If the city was completed with only two tiles then only two points are awarded for that city. The meeples are then returned to their owners. At the end of the game, if a city is not complete, then there is only one point per coat of arms/tile.

Ausschnitt Spielfeld

Points are earned as soon as a road is completed. They are awarded to the person with the most meeples on that road. For every tile creating a road, one point is awarded. Roads are terminated by t-junctions, cross roads, cloisters and cities. The meeples are then returned to their owners. At the end of the game, if a road is not complete, then there is one point per tile. (e.g. the incomplete road shown on the left would give seven points at the end of the game).


If you have a meeple on a cloister and your cloister is fully surrounded by tiles (8 tiles in total) you will receive 9 points as well as your meeple back. there are as many points such as small cards to the monastery small card borders (also diagonally) plus 1, thus maximally 9 points. If all are put these small cards, the player takes the 9 points and gets its figure back. Otherwise there are the points only with playing. At the end of the game, if the cloister is not complete, then you scoure one point for the cloister tile and each surrounding tile.


Farms only score at the end of the game. If you use a meeple on a meadow you will not get him back. At the end of the game, you score 3 points for every city your meadow serves (provided you have the most meeples for that meadow). If the meadow is shared (done through connecting up after farms have been initially taken). However, each city can only be counted once for a player. Note: the publisher has changed this rules a few times, especially the farmer rules. Bearing this in mind, BSW implemented the original rules as option "old" (see options below). However, not all changes of the rules could be taken into account, so the rules described here apply - even if there are other rules published in the meantime that differ.

End of the Game

The game finishes once all 72 tiles have been placed. If a tile cannot be placed (this is uncommon but does happen) then the tile is removed from play and the player takes another tile.

Game Options


Farms are scored using the original rules:

At the end of the game every city is evaluated and the player who has the most meeples on all the meadows surrounding that city scores 4 points. Note: the scoring of meeples can lead to problems if this option is combined with the extensions that were published later (CCE, CCHuB, CCBuD, etc). So the use of this option is only recommended while playing the basic version!

fluss (River)

This is the 'Rivers' extension. During the beginning phase only river tiles are available. These are played connecting each other. Once used the game reverts back to normal. You may still place meeples on the river tiles provided their placement is legal.