Spells, Companions and Treasure Cards


Spells are selected during the spellbook phase. They affect the order of play and magical action.


Luck [#1] - You can choose to discard the face-down Quest Card from the Quest Card Zone. If you do, you cannot look at the card you take from the Quest Deck.


Silence [#2] - In this round, no black magic is possible, ie No player can cast spells 3/7/13/15.


Fireball [#3] (Black Magic) - Take 1 taler from the bank (if spell #2 is not selected).


Cure [#4] - Pay 1 Taler and draw a random adventurer card from the discard pile.


Acceleration [#5] - Take the top treasure card. (see Treasure Cards). Treasure cards can only be obtained with this spell! If one dealer, you can buy for 1 coins per dealer more treasure maps. If you have the merchant you can buy an additional treasure for 1 taler.


Resistance [#6] - If you have the fewest talers, take 2 talers. This applies even if several players have the fewest talers. However, a player who was previously in the series, spent money and now very few dollars, you go away empty-handed. However, if a player who has already played, spent money and now has the least talers, gets nothing.


Creation [#7] (Black Magic) - Take 2 talers (if spell #2 was not selected).


Thunderstorm [#8] - Protects against attack spells: you can not be affected by a red spells (#9, #12, #14) during this turn.


Charm [#9] - The opponent with the most companions must give up a companion of his choice. If the player with the most companions is protected by a protection spell (#8, #11), the players with the next most companions is attacked and so on (excluding yourself).


Summon Elemental [#10] - Discard one of your cards and take 2 talers.


Time Stop [#11] - Protects against attack spells: you can not be affected by a red spells (#9, #12, #14). In addition, when it is your turn, you can take another adventure card to take for your self or give to someone else.


Polymorph [#12] - Take half of the talers from the opponent with the most talers (rounded up). A protection spell (#8, #11) will pass the effect on to the next wealthy player. On a tie you can choose who gives up the money.


Meteor Strike [#13] (Black Magic) - Take 3 talers (if spell #2 was not selected).


Domination [#14] - This spell is similar to #9. The difference is that you can choose which companion to take.


Wish [#15] - This spell is similar to #4, however for one taler you can take 3 cards from the deck provided spell #2 was no used.


The buildings have no particular function. They simply provide victory points at the end of the game.


Hut (5x): Can be used at the end of the game for points associated with the Queen (see Companions).


Village (16x) worth 1 victory point at the end of the game.


City (14x) worth 2 victory points at the end of the game.


Castle (12x): 3 points of victory at the end of the game.


There are two types of Companions: Brown companions have powers used during the game. Purple companions provide Victory Points (VPs) at the end of the game. Several companions of the same type multiply their function! Any companion at the end of the game provides as many victory points worth as printed the card - even if you do not fulfill the conditions for the extra VPs.

There are three of each companions, (except the witch where there is only one).

Purple Companions


Bronzesmith: Bronze helmets that are usually useless (see treasure cards) provide a victory point.


King: Add +5 VP for every 5 talers at game end.


Queen: For every three different buildings get 2 extra VP.


Prince: For every five companions (including Prince) receive 3 VP.


Princess: For each companion that you have more than one of , you get 2 VP.


Tax collector: Starting with 6 VP reduce by 1 VP for each taler (but not -ve).

Brown Companions


Bard: For each opponent, who selects the same spell as you, receive 1 taler.


Messenger: Whenever you start Phase 1 - Adventure (marker position 1), get 1 taler.


Merchant: When selecting the spell #5 ("Take a treasure card"), you can take an additional treasure for one taler.


Seer: The face down card is always visible to the owner of the seer.


Witch: The witch can be swapped for any available card on the board (even the hidden one). This can be done during your turn or during the preparation phase when the new cards are displayed - even before selecting spells. To do this simply move the witch to the desired card.


Maid: Whenever you are in the last phase of adventure, you get 1 taler.


Black Mage: get 1 taler for each successful black magic spell used this round (spell #2 not selected).


Mercenary: If you lose talers or companion because of a red attack spell (#9, #12, #14), get 2 talers immediately. But you used protection you do not get money.

Treasure cards

Treasure cards can only be acquired using Acceleration (Spell #5).

Simple treasure cards


Bronze helmet (11x): The bronze helmet doesn't give you any points at the end of the game, unless you own one or more bronzesmiths. The helmet gives you 1 point per bronzesmith.


Bracelet (6x): Each bracelet gives you 1 point at the end of the game.


Goblet (5x): Each goblet gives you 2 points at the end of the game.


Treasure trove (2x): Each treasure trove gives you 3 points at the end of the game.

Special treasure cards


Invisibility helmet: The invisibility helmet allows you to hide one of your companions. You can do this at any point during the game. You just drag and drop the invisibility helmet onto the companion you want to hide. It remains there until the end of the game (exception: If the witch is hidden and later traded, the helmet is removed from the game). This companion is now invisible to all other players and is not included when you count your companions. At the end of the game, both the companion and the helmet count. The companion also counts for the prince and princess.

If you only use the invisibility helmet once you have been attacked, the attack remains in place, however the hidden companion cannot be picked.


Magic Mirror (2x): The magic mirror lets you backfire attacks onto the attacker so he has to more or less attack himself. After use, it is removes from the game.

If he happens to have a magic mirror himself, the attack is turned back onto the original target.