Tutoring system

As BSW expands, with the increasing complexity of the site, new players may experience a steeper learning curve. BSW therefore offers a tutoring serice for beginners, which you can participate in actively.


Experienced Users can become Tutors and help others. Use the command /tutor on/off, to elect to help new players out or not. New players can turn up at any time! You should only use /tutor on when you have the time to spend with new users.

The Tutor tool is intended to facilitate the work of tutors and organize support for new players. Users wishing to help may also at any time join the /channel Tutor_en and help these new players.

Players from level W6/K6 can also use the /peek command to see other players' cards. This is not connected to the tutor command.

New players can, if they choose to, move directly to a room where a tutor is present, or they can use a tell-window with a tutor. A notice is sent to users who have the tutor tool switched on.

What kind of help should be expected

When new players request help from a tutor, they should be greeted in a friendly way and asked whether they need any help. If the new player doesn't answer, the tutor should open open a Tell window with them. Tutors should always set their status to 'tutor off' when they are playing games.

An incentive for Tutors

How successful a tutor is can be seen on the List of favourite Tutors on BSW.

Tutors that are in the "Top 100" tutors are awarded a "tutor rank" and have Extra Commands that can only be used as long as you have that rank. Here are the tutor levels:

Rank in de tutor list Tutor rankname
1 - 3 Professor
4 - 10 Lehrmeister
11 - 20 Mentor
21 - 30 Assistent
31 - 50 Tutor
51 - 100 Ratgeber