Brettspielwelt is visited by gamers from many different countries. To allow these players to read the server instructions and the web pages in their own language, they can be translated into different languages. Even imaginary languages are available. The translations are done by interested (gamer) volunteers.

Set language

There are a number of ways to change the language setting:

  • If you are using the BSW Client, you can use nation = language abbreviation in the Prop File to set the language (For example: nation = en).
  • If you enter BSW through the website, you can select your language there.
  • In addition, you can use the command /language (language abbreviation) to change the language setting within BSW. (For example: /language en).

Use /help language to show all the languages that are available on the server, or look at the List of translated languages.

Adding new languages to BSW

If you are willing to translate the server messages or webpages into your native language or your favourite langauge, contact an Admin (use /awho adm to see which Admins are currently online). They can set up the new language and make you a translator for that language. If it is an imaginary language, you should already have thought about a name and the appropriate language code.

Appointing other translators

Use the command /settranslator NAME to make the named player a translator for your language. If you are a translator for more than one language, you need to add the language code after the name. (ie /settranslator NAME en).

Note: If several translators try to change the same packet at once, it is possible that some of the changes may not be saved. It is best to arrange this with one another in advance.

Translating text

There is a little program to help you with translating server messages. Translating web pages is done directly through the Browser.