Translating the website

The web pages on BSW are offered in several different languages. As Translator for one of these languages you can help with translating. This page describes how to do this and some considerations.


  1. Log on to the BSW website
  2. Make sure that you have selected the language, for which you are registered as Translator.
    • Click on the appropriate flag in the top right corner of each screen - or
    • Change the end part of the URL extension to nation=en
  3. Activate the translation mode, by clicking on the [t] at the bottom of the page.
  4. Click on the [t] at the end of the word/paragraph that you would like to translate.
  5. A new page will open up in your webbrowser with current language translations for this text block. If no text box appears, click on the "Texte hinzufügen" button. This should add the appropriate text block. Enter the new text and select "Translate (Alt-T)".
  6. Click again on the page where you first selected the [t] , in order to see your changes.


  • The base language for the website is "bsw". If a German translation exists (usually due to corrections only), use that text for your translation base.
  • Translate the text as literally as possible.
  • Don't add additional content to the webpage. BSW is responsible for contents of the web pages. If you should encounter any errors or omissions, you should contact Yordan.
  • Do not change the appearance of the pages. Insert HTML tags only e.g. for emphasis, where they occur in the base "bsw" or "German" text.
  • Do not change the names of the games. We know that many gamers in other countries use different names for these games, however these are the generic names used in BSW (often used in the code). You can however indicate the local name of the game in parentheses behind the German name, e.g. Kardinal & König (Web of power)
  • Some game guides contain links on the original rules (e.g. San Juan and Caylus). If available, you can instead link to a version in the correct language. Otherwise contact Yordan and ask for other options.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can translate the links for some buttons and words (e.g. "all cities" in MultiUser Game Stats) in two ways:
    • Click on [t] another text paragraph and change those for URL in the new window. Use the parameter "package=5" and replace the phrase with what you want to translate, e.g.: - or
    • look at you the source text of the web page and find the link direct to [t] behind the text, which you would like to translate. Copy those URL into the address line of your webbrowser.
  • Linking to other pages can be done using the format [[Shortlink|Link description]]. If the shortlink is the same as the link description you can use the shortened format [[Shortlink]]. The shortlink names can be seen as tooltips in the Sitemap.
  • If you link to the Forum, Wiki pages and of course external webites you have to use the complete URL instead of the shortlink.
  • Some tables contain values generated from the database (e.g. transactions of a city). There you can use a mask to convert the values from the database to text in your specific language (in the example the kind of transaction). The structure of the mask is [|value|if_a|then_a|if_b|then_b|] or [|value|if_a|then_a|else|] (or if there are more possible values use b,c,d,etc...). These masks can be also used in order to translate values in other tables.
  • Most phrases that haven't been translated yet in your language can be found at this page.