Deciding the Guild Master

Each member of a Guild has Influence Points which affect what happens within the Guild. On entering a guild, players start with 0 Influence Points. Player earn one influence point for each day that they are a member of the Guild, as long as they have played the game in the last week. Influence points are linked to the specific Guild - a player who changes to another Guild will lose all their Influence. In order to remain a Guild member when moving between Hanse towns, players should use the new command /moveto (town) which will move them directly into the new town (as long as the new Mayor approves the move).

Influence Points allow Guild members to participate in Guild affairs.


Once a player has at least 30 influence points, they can ask the guild master in the guild house a critical question or leave a comment. The guild master can then formulate a response statement. All members can support one or both statements with which they agree. Such a question runs for 3 days. After that the player may lose influence points based upon the amount of votes against his statement. The winner receives 10 influence points as a reward.


Each guild member who possesses at least 30 influence points can express a constructive mistrust vote against the current guild master. With which the member demands to become the new guild master. Then a vote takes place. The candidates invest all of their influence points. All other members of the guild can invest as much of their influence as desired to support the candidates. At the end, the person with the highest support becomes the new guild master. Those supporting the loser, lose their invested influence points, the others do not.

A guild master can resign if he wishes to. Then the guild member with the most influence, who has turned on their candidacy using the command "/candidate on " becomes the new guild master. The guild master retains his influence in this situation. If a mistrust vote has been called, he cannot resign. The same would happen if the guild master leaves the guild. If the guild master leaves the guild during a mistrust vote, the opposing candidate immediately becomes guild master and the voting ends without loss of points.

When a new game is released in BrettspielWelt, the first guild master will be appointed by the Guild Ombudsman in the first month.


For guilds without guildhalls, they use the collective guildhall in ARMfeld.

Inactive members lose influence and may finally be expelled from the guild (effective from 1.10.06).

Stage 1 (Guild game has not been played for 100 days): Loss of 50 Influence Points.

Stage 2 (Guild game has not been played for more than 100 days): Loss of 1 Influence Point per Day.

Stage 3 (Influence points are reduced to below 0 OR Guild game has not been played for 365 days): Expulsion from the Guild.