The Guild Ombudsman

The Guild Ombudsman (GOM) is there to help with all Guild issues and to give impartial advice with internal conflicts. The current GOM can be viewed on the ranking page.


New Guilds

  • The Guild Ombudsman automatically becomes the moderator for new Guild Forum for up to 3 months. He decides on the rights of the new moderators for this forum.
  • The GOM appoints the first Guildmaster within the first month from the members who joined. In the case of doubt he can cancel his decision.
  • The main task of the GOM is to promote a stable structure within the guilds and the prevention of unneccessary issues within the guilds. The GOM is responsible for disseminating the necessary knowledge on the guild leadership, the work of respective guild offices, and the know-how in handling difficult situations.
  • The GOM makes the final decision for all difficult and unpopular decisions.
  • Should the Guildhall be assigned with the first 3 months of the guild foundation, the GOM is entitled to veto power (GOM's consent is required). However, GOM may not assign the Guildhall on his own.
  • GOM is responsible for “reasonable training” of the Guild Office holders (if inexperienced guild players are designated guild offices), in order to avoid on the one hand the typical pitfalls and on the other hand to create a content situation both for the guild members and for the guild organization.
  • Ist "Patenonkel" der Gilde und steht beratend (auch längerfristig) zur Seite (entsprechend den Stadt-Admins und ihrer Funktion als Paten von neu gegründeten Städten).

Abandonned Guilds

  • The GOM evaluates if a guild has too little participation, inactiveness or escalating emotional restless.
  • If necessary, when the GOM proposes, a guild may be taken over by the GOM.
  • If necessary, when the GOM proposes, the leadership of a guild may be removed from his/her office (even if there are no compelling pre-requisites).
  • The GOM then moderates the guild forum for up to three months maximum.
  • Where a guild is incensed: the objectives are to "calm" the guild and to bring the guild back on track. The GOM is responsible for "rationally educating" the guild leaders (if personalities with closed minds take guild offices), in order to prevent them from blocking guild development on the one hand, and help them to create a guild-friendly environment and formulate a direction for guild development.
  • Inactive guilds: the objective is to re-activate the guild and bring the guild back on track.

If possible, the GOM should communicate regularly via the general guild forum about progress.


  • freier Yell (Stufe 6) (analog zum freien Yell der Stadt-Admins Stufe 7)
  • Start lotteries for administered guilds
  • Launch of the week of promotion for a guild.



GOM receives a monthly salary of 500 talers.


If needed, the GOM may appoint voluntary helpers (such as forum moderators). They are only honorary assistants with no salary.

Regulations on Succession

  • Upon retirement, the current GOM nominates a new GOM (typical); OR
  • A new GOM is identified by the Admin-team (in case of immediate discharge, no longer active, etc.)