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It is 412 AD and half of Europe is ruled by the Roman Empire. What about the other half? No! Some uncompromising Germanic tribes fight back against the Empire. Life is not easy for the Roman Legions, who try to maintain their borders.

Life was not easy for the Germans. Decades ago they had to leave their homeland in the northeast of Europe, for the land there could no longer feed the ever growing number of prosperous people. So they moved bag and baggage towards the southwest, until they came upon the borders of the Roman Empire. Respect for the former world power, which had 300 years earlier wiped out at this point the people of the Cimbri and Teutons evaporated soon and some German tribes to expand their country bravely tried to Rome. But the constant border skirmishes with the successors of Caesar a few of the tribes wore down so much that they could enter service by the Romans as foederati: they could live without persecution at the border of the Empire, had it but with their battle force this limit to defend against other intruders.

After having settled between the Rhine and Elbe - they could have lived peacefully with their neighbours. But the wild riders from Asia attacked Europe and forced the Teutons to leave again. Attila and his Huns spread fear across the Germanic tribes. They did not retaliate against the combat hungry intruder and left their homeland for a second time. The ever deminishing Roman Empire provided new opportunities to these peoples. Thus Gilimer the Greedy moved his Goths into southern France. Wunderich the furious led his Vandals all the way through Spain and North Africa. The Saxons under Angest sailed over the channel to Great Britain and settled there in the regions evacuated by the Romans. Lodeoc led his tribe the Langobarden over the alps and became a driving force to further deminish the former Mediterranean super power.

In this sense the various Germanic tribes scattered throughout Europe, settled down and re-formed new nations. But she never forgot her origins, and if they were sitting around a campfire in the evening, their songs and stories are still remembered by their origins, their Origo ...