BSW Help Page

You should find help on all the BSW topics you are looking for here.

First time here?

If you are new here and you cannot quite find your way around you may want to review the Introduction - First Steps page, to see if this answers your questions.

Downloading the Client

You can play in BSW quicker and with more control/menus by downloading the Client; Installation is fast and simple. You can modify the Client with the help of Prop Files to configure your own menus and also make use of available Patches.

BSW Commands

The Commands page lists all the commands available to registered users on BSW. Here you can quickly look up the commands and their syntax.

Game Guides

Included on this site are guides for all the games here on BSW. These guides not only explain the rules but also the game interfaces. You should read these before you play a game.

Game Manager

The Game Manager is a fundamental tool here in BSW. It enables you to find game rooms or opponents.


In FAQ you can find the answer to many frequently asked questions. It is administered by the user community and constantly updated.

Other Languages

There are several languages supported on BSW. There are also some fun languages and German dialects supported by the game client.

Play Aids on BSW

Some users can utliize a software patche for their client to facilitate playing handicapped. There are a few games with Patches for color-blind users.