Commands for citizens and the town council

These are the commands you need to build and maintain a thriving town. They are divided into commands for all citizens and extra commands for the town council.

What can I do as a "simple" citizen?

Requests citizenship of a town. The Mayor must approve this request - you should contact him or her beforehand.
Use /moveto to move directly to another town without losing your guild memberships (for Hanse towns). You need to be in the new town to use this command. Your old town does not need to agree, although 20 Talers will be paid to them from your points total. The mayor of the town you are moving to has to approve your request - you should contact him or her beforehand.
/resign NAME
This command makes NAME leave a town. The town does not need to agree, although 20 Talers will be paid to them from NAME's points total. You may not rejoin a city until at least 31 days after you left it.
/ctell TEXT
Opens a separate chat window for you to speak to all the citizens of your town, regardless of where they may be in the world.
/mutectell on|off|switch
Selects whether you want to participate in your city's chat.
/vote NAME
Used for electing a mayor. Mayors start their office on the first of the month. You can vote as many times as you like; the last vote is the one that counts.
Lists all inhabitants of this city
Lists all users who are not welcome in this city
Shows the most important information about a city (council, treasure, tax rate) and opens the city's homepage in a browser window.
Shows which guild buildings a town may build. This requires the agreement of the appropriate Guild master.

What can I do as a landowner?

/estate NAME
As soon as one reached the rank of "Freiherrn" (W12) and/or "Probstes" (K12), you can ask the mayor to assign you some property. You can change the names of your property with this command. The change is free and can be made often. To use this command you must be in your garden.
/changeresiname NAME
This command changes the name of your own house. Different strings can be incorporated: %haus for house type (in German!) depending upon your rank. %name to add the owner's name, %titel to add the owner's title and %rang to add the owner's rank. If a game is in the house, then this is indicated behind the designation. The change is free and can be used often. To use this command you must be in your house.
Input: /changeresiname %titel %names My House
Output: Tierarzt Myname MyHouse:MyGame Name
/rmotd TEXT
The owner sets the motto of the day for his residence. To set the motto, he has to be inside.
/changegame NAME
Citizens of rank W15/K15 and higher can install a game of their choice in their own house. The first use of this command is for free, each change of game costs 5% of the players Taler.

What can the town council do?

/assign NAME Stellvertreter
The mayor [Bürgermeister] appoints his council members this way: Deputy [Stellvertreter], Treasurer [Kaemmerer], Reeve [Stadtvogt], Ambassador [Botschafter], Storekeeper [Lagermeister] or Foreman [Freimeister]. Each appointment costs 20 Taler.
Example: /assign miezeke Deputy
/relinquish Stellvertreter
The Mayor uses this command to release a member of the town council. This costs the city 20 Talers.
/accede yes|no
The Mayor accepts (yes) or denies (no) a request for citizenship.
/deputy on|off
The Mayor uses this command to specify whether the Deputy can use all the Mayor's commands (on = yes)
/view on|off|all
Allows the inhabitants / no-one / everyone to see the city's stocks of resources.
/cmotd TEXT
The Mayor sets the city's message of the day. Use a Pipe (|) to add a new line.
/cityURL url
The Mayor sets the URL of the city's homepage - shown in /cityinfo and in the City Information page. (Don't forget to include the http:// !)
/cityfocus X Y
The Mayor sets to co-ordinates for the town centre. This is where the town view is centered when someone enters the city. The top corner of a town has the co-ordinates 0,0; the X-axis goes from there to the right and down and the Y-axis to the left and down.
/pinoption OPTIONNAME
The deputy can pin options to a game. First the option has to be set in the desired state before issuing this command. After that they cannot be changed by anyone. The pin can be removed again with the same command.
The Reeve places the user NAME on the city's blacklist for REASON. The named user cannot enter the city anymore.
/rebann NAME
The Reeve removes a user from the blacklist again.
/resign NAME
The Reeve can withdraw citizens' rights. This costs 20 Talers.
/votefairness NAME
The Reeve elects the 4 mediators out of the acting Security Chiefs in the world. The election is between the 14th and 21st every odd month. The 4 Chiefs of Security with the most votes become a member of the mediators for the next 2 months.
Shows the Reeve and the Mayor the names of all users that have not yet played this month. The shown output has the syntax "Username X/Y", where X = the number of days a user hasn't logged in and Y = the number of days a user hasn't finished a game.
/donate multi|single TALER
The members of the city council can pay into the city treasury from their own pocket. They can also decide whether to deduct the donation from either their MultiUser- or Single User talers. You must be in your town to use this command.
The mayor can use the command "/extendland deltaX deltaY" to expand the town's borders 20 units along both the x- and the y-axis. The treasurer needs to agree using "/extendland yes". More information about this command can be found on the town building info page.
/extendland 0 20
/tax Rate
The treasurer sets the town's taxrate, the maximum is 100. Each citizen will automatically pay the set amount of Taler daily.
The treasurer can donate money to a guild (10% will be lost in the transfer).
/prodmsg minutes
The Treasurer / Ambassador activates a message in the /ctell chat about new orders in the Weberei (weaving mill) or Schmiede (smithy) and their completion. This message will be repeated in the given interval as long as the order is not completed. /prodmsg 0 deactivates the message.
/supplytime hh
The Ambassador sets the full hour (BSW server time) in (hh) of the daily moment on which the town pays its taxes. If the hour set is earlier than the current time the taxes are paid immediately except when they have already been paid that day. Towns will never pay twice a day.
/yell 5 TEXT
Members of the town council can yell at level (see Yell). This costs the city 0.5% of its fortune.

What can a citizen of a "Hanse" town do?

This command displays your five eligable guilds. You can see further information about your guild eligability and status in your own Player Info.
/accedeguild GAMENAME
This command allows you to join a guild. You should, however, use the command '/possibleguilds' to see which guilds you are eligable to join.

How is a new town founded?

A user may propose to establish a new city called CITYNAME, at coordinates X,Y of the BSW world (you can see the world map using the toolbar). A city-admin has to approve the proposal (see /citygo).
/citygo CITYNAME
At least four other users and a City-Admin have to run this command in order for the proposal to be accepted. If all users together (except the City Admin) at least 8,000 points in their account, then the new city is founded, and the user who made ​​the proposal becomes its Mayor. The city receives 1660 Gold, 400 wood and 10 tools as seed money.