The Yell Tool

With /yell [1-7] TEXT one thunders over the entire world with the volume 1-7.

Each player from the rank W16/K16 can yell with the volume at 1, as long as it this volume is not blocked because of too much negative feedback (see point 4) for a month. Volume 1 is also the standard-volume if none is indicated.

The availability of the volumes 2 - 4 rests on the feedback from other users about your Yells. At the beginning, the volume 2 is not available. The costs for the volumes 1-4 depend on the amount of that 'listener' and amount to 2 + (listener/20) Taler (rounded down).

With the volume 5 only mayors and ambassadors can yell. This costs the city of 0.5% its fortune.

With the volume 6 Guild officers can yell. This costs the guild of 0.5% its fortune.

With the volume 7, only Admins can yell. Sorry but these Yells cannot be suppressed.

Opening the Yell Window


Click on the "Yell" button to open the Yell window.

The tool can be closed by clicking on the red X on the top right part of the window. You can get context sensitive help by clicking the blue question mark symbol next to it.

With Tool Configuration you can add or remove tools in the tool bar.



At the top of the Tool is the “Yell-O-Meter” where you can see the loudness of the yells.

In the center is the volume control.

In the bottom section the Yells of the last 60 seconds is shown.

The Volume Control

Players can adjust the loudness of the yell in this window. Typically, this is set to Admin, so that only Yells of the Admins are shown. If you set the slider for example on stage 3, then you can only see all Yells of volume 3 or higher. The colour of the slider (green or red) indicates whether you can adjust the level of the yell (depending on rank).

To save the setting, move the slider to your desired level, go into the Command channel "Deine Umgebung" and type /save.

Feedback in the Yell Window

You can positively or negatively score the Yells of the last 60 seconds. If you move your mouse over an indicated Yell, you will see a red minus and a green plus symbol. Click on the one you wish to use to provide feedback. After giving feedback, the option disappears.

Your future ability to yell can be impacted on the basis the feedback from Yells (settings 1 - 4). Positive feedback lets you reach higher level yells, whilst negative feedback may deny you the ability to yell for 1 month.

Feedback via the Toolbar


Alternatively you can give feedback via the Yell Toolbar without having to open the Yell window. Click on the small arrow to the right of the Yell Button. There one can adjust now both the volume, and give feedback on Yells received.