Netiquette - How to properly use some commands

This guide should help you to understand how to properly use some commands at BSW that could be used offensively. Only a sensible and considerate use of these commands helps to make BSW a place for all users, where they can play and enjoy themselves and do not encounter other problems than tactical finesse of other players and the occasionally lacking connection.

Overview of the individual commands

/remove (no limitation on user's rank)
The /remove command helps to remove a player from a game. Reasons to remove a player may be that he apparently has lost connection and does not react anymore at all, or that he is severely disturbing the flow of the game, or he may have joined, started without consent and won't leave now. As a general rule, all other players in a game should agree to remove said player, even though technically there is no need for that. It is abuse of this command if for example the highest ranking player single-handedly throws out any other player just because he likes to. It is also abuse to use this command to prevent a player from winning.
/ping (level 3 and higher)
The /ping command has been implemented to give players the opportunity of stating a noticeable "Hi, here I am, may I have your attention?". Use of this command in regular longer intervals may make sense to e.g. check whether the "target" has returned to the computer, the repeated use within a small timeframe like a minute on the other hand is just annoying. Furthermore, some computers may become overburdened by too many ping commands, thus shutting down. Any use of the ping command that is just to annoy the other side or risks the other PC's shutdown will be treated as an abuse of the command.
/masterreset (level 5 and higher)
The /masterreset command is useful to reset a "dead" game, which has not been finished. You can consider a game as "dead" if at least one player left it without returning and there is no replacement in sight. Another helpful use would be, if all players of a game that has just started agree to restart to let some latecomer participate. The use of this command by just one player without consent with the other players will be considered an abuse. More so, if he prevented a loss of this game in that way.
/summon (level 10 and higher)
The /summon command can be used to transport a player of a lesser level into your room. It should only be used, if the other player agreed beforehand or you can assume that he will agree. An example would be a user not finding a game room. Using /summon to "fetch" a player who has no interest to appear on his own would be an abuse, especially if the summoned user was participating in a game in the other room. An exception to this would be summoning a user who left a running game to go wandering around in BSW. You still should try to /tell him and never /summon him out of any other game. Also, if one or two summons do not do the trick, there is no need to try more after that.
/beam (level 11 and higher)
The /beam command can be used to transport a player of a lower leven from your room to another place in BSW. This may be helpful especially if said player is not firm in using BSW's commands and asks for your help. To transport a player who does not want to be transported would be an abuse. An exception would be a player insulting those present or disturbing the game in another way, who does not leave after being asked to.
/kick (level 13 and higher)
The /kick command is used to remove a player of lesser level or a puppet from BSW. In both cases the user or the owner of the puppet should agree with this measure or be assumed to agree. To kick a user against his wishes will be considered an abuse. Exceptions would be kicking a puppet which is annoying you and has no obvious command for sending it home. It also may be useful to kick a player who has apparently no connection to BSW anymore and troubles logging in again, or who is online with multiple instances blocking each other (so called corpses). Please keep chatlogs of what happened if you ever get to kick somebody or a puppet.
// (level 14 and higher)
The // command is useful for entertainment purposes only. Please bear in mind that entertainment ends where it causes trouble or irritations of any sort for some players or discredit their reputations.