FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Meta Game

How do you add special characters to the name of your plot of land?

You will need to ask an Admin to help you. Use /awho adm to see if one is on-line.

How do I build my house?

You must be at least W/K12 and a member of a town with a plot of land designated to you by your Mayor. Follow the guide for Building and follow exactly the process, step by step.

How can I travel to different towns in BSW?

With /room C# you can travel to different towns. The # stands for the respective town ID.

How do I become citizen of a town?

Towns are groups of several players, who wish to play together regularly. In order to become a citizen of a town, you should familiarize yourself with the people there. If you find that you get on well with folk from a certain town, then ask them how to join. Every town is a little different and have their own rules.

How can I create a city?

Einmal gibt es dafür die "offiziellen" Gründungskriterien. Weiterhin solltet ihr euch darüber im Klaren sein, dass es viel Zeit und Arbeit kostet, eine Stadt zu gründen und aufzubauen. Insofern gründet man nicht mal eben, weil man auf ein anderes Spiel keine Lust hat, sondern erst nachdem man genau darüber nachgedacht hat. Weiterhin wollen die Stadt-Admins ein schlüssiges Gründungskonzept. Was genau darin enthalten sein soll, erfragt ihr am Besten bei den Stadt-Admins (/channel Consulat).

How does the Town Management Ranking work?

In order to move your town's Games Rooms higher in the Games Manager (so that more people who are looking for games sees them), your town must contribute. Your town chooses to donate a quantity of raw materials. There is a button in your town store where you can make these contributions. It is the quantity of the raw materials that is crucial, not their stock exchange price. Make sure that your treasurer is aware of what this button does! Depending upon your town's quantity, goods income and wealth of the city, you may wish to promote your games rooms higher up the Game Manager listing.

How do I move into a house?

If you are still under W8, you must move into a farmhouse. If you are W8, but under W12, you must move into a town house. To do this, enter the home of your choice (provided there is room) and click on 'Einziehen'.

Can you remove buildings from a town?

No, you cannot. Only the houses of a previous resident may disappear, if the respective citizen leaves the city.