FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What are Puppets?

Puppets are programmed tools, which are written by user. They can do meaningful tasks, or simply make announcements. Puppets can be programmed to start or move to different rooms during operation. There are 2 different types of Puppets:

  • SP = Simple Puppets are puppets which are configured by the user from W8/K8 and higher. These puppets can only perform basic commands, and are not often used in BSW for that reason.
  • CP = Command Puppets are puppets which are configured by the user from W9/K9 and higher. These are more complex programs and are usually not found on the BSW server.

How do I find out which Puppet has what function

With /info PUPPETNAME you can see what functions a puppet has available for you to call. Alternatively you can try /tell PUPPETNAME to open a tell then try typing a text message like "!hilfe", "!help", "!info" or "!befehle". You can also try entering @info, @help, @hilfe or @befehle into the puppet's tell channel. There are some recommendations as to how to set up these commands, however, there is no guarantee since these puppets are written by many different poeple. It is also not always obvious what some puppets are used for!

Where can I find more information about puppets?

If you are in game room, you can sometimes use the command /puppet TP to find out how to play a game. If you are below W8/K8 and cannot use this command yet, ask someone over the Help Channel. The Tutor puppets can also be started via the Help Tool.

Where do I find further information to Puppets?

Further information on Puppets can be found on the Puppet Tool WEB page and in the German Puppet forum.

I would like to create my own puppet. Which commands are there and what do I have to be careful of?

A new Puppet tutorial is in the works, as well as an official list of the available puppet commands. Until then you may wish to ask experienced puppet programmers for a list.