Game Filtering - via Game Partner

The Game Partner utility offers ways to filter searching for games. Some are described below.

Summary of the Filters


There are 2 options, looking for a game partner and looking for a Game Room. In the upper portion of the filter screen there are 2 radio buttons But one selects search " in the upper window area either "… for partner search or "… for room list " .

The top left dropdown box lets you choose a listing from 3 options. BSW-Spiele (Games), BSW-Statde (Towns) and BSW-Anderes (other lists).

The menu " BSW-Anderes " or (other lists) gives you the option to filter by using your own Friendslist or other lists.

In the right part of the screen are 2 windows where your filter criteria is shown once selected. If you click again on a criteria in this window, it is removed.

Each of these boxes have a drop down menu with the following options:

  • Every filter must be solved.
  • At least one filter must be solved.
  • None of the filters may be solved.

In the drop down menu between the two small boxes are the boolean operators UND, ODER and NICHT, (and, or , not) which link the criteria from the two boxes (above and below) with one another. SThe default here UND.

After chosing the filter criteria you must set the filter by clicking on "Activate Filter". The filter will then jump to the appropriate tab.

Remembering Filters

If you want to store a particular filter setting, select one of the memory locations 1-9.


Once you have selected your filter criteria and activated the filter, make sure you are back on the "filter" tab then click on a number/memory then click on the green "save" button. You must now go to the command line and type in "/save' to keep this filter. You can store up to 9 different filter settings for future use.

To recall a previously saved filter, double click on the saved filter number. Memory slots which have already been allocated are shown in a brighter green. You can delete a filter by using the “CLEAR” - Button.

Filter Examples

Requests for a game using the Game List

If you only want to know about game requests for certain games, you can set a filter to choose only to hear about those games. Select the last tab "SpielList".


Select all the games you wish to know about from other players.

Then select the tab "Filter"


Next you might click on “… for partner search”. Then you might chose to use one of your lists. You select BSW-Anderes and in SpielList. You will see that “Everyone filter must be solved….” has been selected and that the boolean operator “UND/AND” is also the default. After activating the filter you will be moved back to the "Game Partner" tab. From now on you will only see games called for from your filter list. Don't forget to use the save command if you wish to keep this setting.

If your game preferences change, you need to change the games selected from the list on the last tab. Again decide if you wish to keep these settings.

Game Room Search


First select “… for room list”.

In this example the dropdown "BSW-Spiele" has been selected and Heckmeck has been chosen from the list on the left hand side.

Next, select the lower right hand box as the target box, select BSW-Anderes from the dropdown then offene Spielefrom the list. If you activates now the adjusted filter, you get a list of all the games of Heckmeck currently in play. Click on a specific grey line to go to that room.

The selection “offene Spiele" or "games curently in play” will be a small list for less played plays. You can find a game in play then ask to play in the next game.

If your town has a partnership town for playing games, you can set a filter to see games being played in your partner city. In the example below, the filter has been set for games in play and for 4 towns of interest.


If you select for example “Tichu” with the current filters set, you get a listing of all Tichu games being played in Babylon, AnimalCity, Alkatraz and Hollinden.

Note that the criterion for the lower box must be “at least one filter must solve ….” for this to work.

Avoiding unpleasant players

There may be times when you come across some unpleasant players. You can use the following filters:


Set the filters as shown. In the top box for every filter select the BSW-Anderes "inSpielList" or "gameslist" then in the bottom box select, "None of the filters may be solved and select BSW-Anderes - inBadList.

In this way you will get a list of game requests excluding people defined in your own BadList.

Similarly , you could set up the filter to look only for people in your (FriendsList/WatchList).

Once you get the hang of the filters you may find that you will find the games and people you are looking for more efficiently.