FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is "Download" and why do I want to Download the BSW Client?

The Download refers to Download Client. This is a program, which loads all the BSW graphics on your pc. This gives faster response time via the internet, is more stable (since it requires less traffic via the internet) and the ability to customize your games/commands menus via the Prop File.

How do I install the Game Client

After you have downloaded the installation file, click on the icon to install. Once the installation is complete, you should have an icon on your desktop. Simply click on the icon to play in BSW.

How do I install the client under Windows Vista?

The installation in Windows Vista works about the same as normal installations in other versions of Windows. However the stand program folder "C:\Programme\BSW" should not be chosen. Another should be chosen, because the legal management of the standard-program folder in Vista versions, can cause problems with updates and changes (e.g. in the prop file).

Why don't I have sound with the Download Client?

Please check first whether other Java applications start without sound. If so, this is a problem with controlling your sound card. A Java Update may help. When you start the client, you can disable the sound for this Java application. You should also make sure you have not accidentally turned the sound off. You can toggle this by clicking the speaker icon and showing a red line through the icon or not.

Why doesn't text in the Chat scroll automatically?

This is a feature called Auto Scroll. It is there so you can see the most recent lines of text. Just move the scroll cursor in the desired channel window.

What is this Prop File and where can I it?

The Prop file is the file that you can modify your client to store your preferences. In older versions of the client, the file is stored along with all other files in the installation directory. The current download version of the Prop file for Vista and Windows7 is stored in

How can I change colours, pictures and sounds in the Client?

After you Install the Client, when you enter a game or room for the first time, all the sound and image files are downloaded to the folder where you have the client installed. You can edit your local copies of the images in this folder. You can also replace your local copies of the sound files. To do this, rename your new file with the name of the original file in the same folder. It is recommended to rename the original file rather than delete it or move to another location on your hard drive.