FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Playing on BSW

What do the Options host, invisibly and drawseat mean?


This option means that only the player at position 1 can choose the game options and start the game.


Game Rooms set as invisible do not show in the Game Manager.


With this option, the places for the game are distributed randomly at the start of the game again. This does not affect the selection of the starting player.

How do I find fellow players?

There are several options to do this.

Answer a Request for a game
  • In the Game Manager you can see fellow players requesting a game. Click on the appropriate game to go there.
  • If you click on the "Game Partners" button in the toolbar, you can see the a list of people looking to start a game. Just click on the game you want to go to.
  • You can look in Channel SPV for people looking for a game. You can then use the command /ghook NameOfPlayer to get there. Make sure you use the correct case of the login name of the other player.
Search for a Game Partner
  • Using the command the instruction/gameyell TEXT you can ask for other players.
  • In the SPV Chat you can ask for fellow players. Don't forget to specify the game you want to play.

How do I find a certain player?

Use /hook NAME to move to another player. Use /ghook NAME to move to another player's game table, not just the buildng they are in. Make sure you write the correct NAME. It can be case sensitive. You might want to cut and paste the name.

My fellow player is no longer active. How can I finish my game?

Starting from rank W/K14 you can use /alive NAME to see if your game partner has lost connection or just left. If they come back in and request to join you can use the command /accept. If you get no response you can use the command /remove NAME to remove them from the game. This command is Rank dependent. You can always search for a replacement player using /gameyell Replacement needed! to find a substitute. If no-one comes you can reset the game using /masterreset and /accept. Then if you wish to request a new game, then look in the /manager

I left my game? How do I get back to my game and play again?

When leaving a game room in the middle of the game, the server remembers the game and the game number. In a separate Info window, you'll be informed that the game was not over and asked if you want to return there. By clicking the button you are automatically brought back into the game. If you are playing as a registered player, this message will also be prompted when you log back into BSW.

If this window does not appear or not you were unregistered in BSW, there are several ways to return to your game:

  • The best way is if you still know a name of a fellow player, then use /ghook NAME to get back.
  • You only know part of the login name of another player? You can try /wwho |PARTOFNAME and then see if any of the names are familiar. If this is your game partner, then you can return by using the command /ghook NAME .
  • If you don't know the names of the players, then inquire in the SPV channel. If the person responds, then use /ghook NAME.
  • You cannot remember the name of another player, however, you still remember the room number of your game? Use the command /game C-number (eg /game C24-31) to return.
  • Another way to find out is in the Game Manager. You can select on the game type and then view the current games to see if anyone is still at the table. If so then just click on that game and you will be back.

You can then join back in the game using the command /join # where # is the number/place of the seat you were sitting at.

How do I behave correctly in BSW?

It is best that you are aware of BSW Netiquette before you play online.

How can I see which town I am currently in?

Use the command /whereis YourName to see where you are at any time.

Where do I find the single user games?

Um schnell an die SingleUserSpiele zu kommen, gibt es ein Puppet. Mit /tell SUindex Spielname sagt es dir, wie du zu welchem SingleUserSpiel gelangst. Auf die Dauer kannst du dir ein Menü in deiner PropDatei anlegen mit einem Raum für jedes raumgebundene SingleUserSpiel.

What does '-- Sorry xy, no money is earned for this game.' mean?

This response from the server means that you played the Single User Game too fast or not well enough to score and therefore get no talers. The score for the game stats will however be logged in your SU Statistics. If you play SU games often with a bad score,it can impede your ability to rise in the SU or (K)leric Ranks.

What commands can I use and where do I use them?

There are many commands which you can use. They are listed in the Command Help. Most of the commands are entered in the main chat channel or 'Console'.

When I looked at other player's info I saw the games Alhambra and Metro, Heckmeck and some other games mentioned. Where can I play these games?

Unfortunately these games are no longer available in BSW. They were here at one time.

I would like to play with a friend over the same IP, can this be done?

You can use the same IP Address (for example via a Wifi connection) ONLY if both/all players are registerd and both/all registered names are logged into BSW. If you get the error message saying that only registered players can use a shared IP address, then check your info to see whether you are registered.

How can I see which of my friends are on-line?

Starting from rank W/K1 you can make a 'Watch List' to make a list of players who you like. Use the command /add watch NAME followed by /save. You can see your current list of friends by using /list watch. The command /friendsonline does the same.

How can I send a user an e-mail?

With /info NAME you can see the info window of another player. There you may be able to see their e-mail address, unless they have it hidden. If you click on the address, it should open your e-mail program in a new window. The command /email off and /email on lets you display your e-mail address in your user info.