FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


I can log in into the world, but after 3-5 minutes keep getting kicked off.

Check your Internect Browser Settings (Tools->Options). You may have your settings set to interrupt if your computer does not detect any data transfer.

Java can sometimes create connectivity problems. It could be that an older version of Java may do the trick. Please understand that BSW does not always test with the latest release of Java and has therefore not necessarily 100% tested for compatability.

When playing in BSW the Client “hangs”.

Das ?Hängen? hat in der Regel 3 Hauptgründe:

  • The Internet Connection for this program cannot latch on to enough bandwidth. This may be because other programs have priority on your pc or you may have spyware present.
  • The computer may not be powerful enough. Since BSW uses relatively complex Java code, it can easily overload older computers. This can usually be recognized by the fact that other programs also are running extremely slow.
  • Occasionally there also so many users connecting with the server that the server is overloaded. In these situations the server tries to remove Puppet programs and shed some of the load. This could be one of the reasons for poor performance. This is not usual.

My firewall is preventing me from connecting to BSW. How do I fix this?

First you should be familiar with your Firewall software. Configuration tools can usually be used to enable individual programs like BSW. The BrettspielWelt.exe file should be permitted through the firewall. If not, port 7670 should be opened manually.