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Game description

Alles im Eimer (The Bucket King)
Publisher Kosmos
Designer Stefan Dorra
Number of players 3-6
Gamelength 25 Minutes
Category Farming Card Game
Age 8+
Price Ca. 15 Euro
Awards Shortlist of "Spiel des Jahres" 2002

The theme of this game is centered around a farmyard. Each player has a pyramid from buckets, which they want to keep intact for as long as possible. Players play cards of value 2-8 in 5 different colours. The value must increase each time, otherwise you must kick away one of your buckets. If you have placed the wrong colour at the bottom of your pyramid, then you may lose many buckets. The pace of the game is fast, if you forget to replenish your card from the stack then too late! Lose all your buckets and you have lost the game.

Alles im Eimer was played in the Deutschen Mannschaftsmeisterschaften in 2005. It can be played with the “Reverse” and “Last Man Standing” options. The colours are vivid and the play fun.

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