SpaceBob online spielen

Bob lives to travel across space!

Game description

Publisher BrettspielWelt
Designer Alexander Zbiek & Kim Klug
Number of players 2 - 4
Gamelength 5-45 Minuten
Category Echtzeit Strategiespiel
Age 8+
Price Ca. 8 Euro
Awards None so far

Far away in another galaxy, these are the voyages of the Space Trader Bob. With his spaceship, he travels the depths of the universe on his way to service all planets, supplying each resident with the goods they need to provide a satisfying life.

In this game, 2-4 players can emulate the role of Bob the space trader. They compete for the honor of the most successful supplier in the time provided. Extra honor is given to astronauts who service the planets with special attention.

As the game progresses, you can take the opportunity to expand your spaceship to travel faster or carry more cargo.

But remember. Everything always takes time.

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