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Bring order to the chaos

Game description

Publisher Don&Co
Designer Kris Burm
Number of players 2
Gamelength 15 Minutes
Category Strategy game
Age 10+
Price ca. 25 EUR
Awards None yet

Innovative game designer Kris Burm has created YINSH, released October 2003, fifth in a series of two player abstract games called Project GIPF. Each game in the Project GIPF series introduces a game element that may be added to any other Project GIPF game, making each game more fun and challenging.

In YINSH, a player has five rings to manipulate on the board. When a ring is moved, a marker is placed on the board with the player's color face up (opponent's color face down - each marker has two sides). Rings may be moved any number of spaces in one direction. Rings may not jump over other rings, but rings may jump over markers. When a ring jumps markers, it lands in the first open space and all the jumped markers are flipped over to the opposite color. When a player creates a line of five markers in the player's color, those markers and a ring of that player's color are removed. The first player to remove three rings wins the game!

The stones with their both sides which are turned by rings show how well the "Storm" theme and the game mechanism co-operate.

YINSH made its world premier on Brettspielwelt and three weeks later YINSH was debuted in Essen.

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