San Juan Online Game

Is this councilman for real?

Game description

San Juan
Publisher Alea
Designer Andreas Seyfarth
Number of players 2-4
Gamelength 30 Minutes
Category Card Game
Age 10+
Price Ca. 14 Euro
Awards - none yet -

Puerto Rico, which is considered one of the best strategy games of all times, has a "little brother": San Juan. Who builds the best building combinations? Palace or poorhouse, silvermine or goldmine, each brings certain advantages. Who is the cleverest builder? Who will win?

San Juan does not require as much strategy and forethought as Puerto Rico. Clearly simpler and faster, it contains the same basic mechanisms that can be played again and again with as varied play as Puerto Rico. In each part of the game one discovers something new...

San Juan was played in the finals of the 2004 German boardgame Championships in Herne.

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