Fürsten von Florenz (Princes of Florence) Online Game

How many works can I perform?

Game description

Fürsten von Florenz (The Princes of Florence)
Publisher Alea
Designer Wolfgang Kramer
Number of players 3-5
Gamelength 60 Minutes
Category Strategy Game
Age 12+
Price Depending on edition
Awards None

Each player owns a piaza in Florence. Your goal is to provide the most prestigious piaza in all of Florence by enticing artisans to perfom their works there. A famous statue, a water painting, a spectaculat clock tower! These artisans, however, have different preferences. One loves the shade of trees, another the beautiful reflections in a lake. You must provide the right setting to enable the artisan to bring out his real genious.

In this strategy game by Wolfgang Kramer you will be kept trying to manage your resources while watching the other players. Do you need another jester? How much can you afford? Do you need a builder to build for less cost or just pay the full price? The tactics will depend on your gameplan and those of the other players.

Princes of Florence is one of the 4 games in BSW played in the German Mannschaftsmeisterschaften.

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