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Ausgefuxxt & abgeluxxt!

Game description

Publisher AMIGO
Designer Kramer & Kiesling
Number of players 2 - 5
Gamelength 20 Minutes
Category Card Game
Age 10+
Price ca. 11 Euro
Awards Spiel der Spiele 2014

Abluxxen is a short card game for 2 to 5 cunning players in which you're trying to relieve the other players of their cards.

Each player tries to get rid of his 13 cards as fast as possible and make points by playing them in front him. Cards of the same number can be played together. Sounds easy so far if only there weren't those kind opponents who are just waiting to take away your lucrative combinations and getting points for them themselves. But watch out: Whoever is too greedy and gets stuck with many cards in hand, gets a pile of minus.

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