Medina Online Game

The Building of a City!

Game description

Publisher Hans im Glück
Designer Stefan Dorra
Number of players 3-4
Gamelength 40 Minutes
Category Tactical building game
Age 10+
Price Ca. 25 Euro
Awards 2nd Place "Deutscher Spielepreis 2001"

The players rebuild the old city of Medina. Refashioning the palaces, walls, stables and marketplace. Each player has the same number of building pieces, which they use to build palaces in four colours. Players decide when they feel that a certain palace is large enough, they then place their coloured roof and claim it as their own. Each player can only possess 1 of each coloured palace. You can also decide how to influence the market lane, which can increase the value of you palaces. You may also wish to fortify your palaces by attaching walls to them, and possibly claiming the corner tower bonus! Each move you make helps the other players.

Medina is a game, which depends on how your fellow players wish to help you. It is a fun tactical game, with no two plays the same. It took a place in the 2001 Deutschen Spielepreis. Medina is played in BSW using the 2003 Deutschen Mannschaftsmeisterschaften rules.

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