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Tactical/Political game

Game description

Publisher Adlung Spiele
Designer Marcel-André Casasola-Merkle
Number of players 3-4
Gamelength 45 Minutes
Category Tactical/Political game
Age 12+
Price Ca. 6 Euro
Awards Nominated for "Spiel des Jahres" 1999, "Kartenspiel des Jahres" 1999

Traitor is a card game, whose structure is very similar to a board game. To win, players need to be able to bluff, and also maximise the situation. Being able to react quickly to circumstances can win you the game.

There has always been a conflict between the House of the Eagle and the House of the Rose. The conflict has been smoldering for many years, and land has been exchanging through deceit and cunning. Now each house is trying to expand their land.

The core element of the game is the conflict. In each round there is a terratorial fight between two areas onwed by each house. Players try to support the area/card for which they have allegiance. With a 4 player game this usually ends up as 2 v 2.

What makes this game interesting is the action cards. The action chosen by each player is secret. The choice of the action can influence the outcome of the fight for that round. You can guarantee resources for the next round, increase your strength for the fight, set the location for the next fight or even turn traitor! The winning house (and therefore aligned players) get points for that round.

The winner is the player who scores the most points after 9 rounds with 3 player (or 8 rounds with 4 players).

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